The 3 Signs Your Detailing Brand Is Laughing Behind Your Back & Shamelessly Scamming You!

‘Trustworthy’ is a word that gets thrown around so carelessly…

But would you bet your right hand that your detailing brand has your best interest in mind?

If you’re 100% sure your brand can be trusted (and you have a spare hand)…

Then this blog is simply not for you, and most likely, your trusted brand starts with ‘Shine’ and ends with ‘Armor oh my God, I love this brand so much, my hand never felt safer!’.

As always, our professional (and moral) duty is to help you make the most informed decision regarding how to get your full money’s worth when it comes to car detailing products and making your 4 wheeled baby look just dandy!

And today, we’ll play the part of ‘Car Detailing Police’ and help you identify those shady brands which have no love for you or your car!

Sign #1: The Price Is Ridiculously LOW!

No, we’re not insane.

Buying a detailing product that has a price so low that’s too good to be true… is probably not a good idea.

You see, designing, manufacturing, and advertising premium quality for car detailing brands is a very EXPENSIVE process. Of course, many brands do their best to keep their prices reasonable and sensible to the consumer.


Because it’s still a very unregulated market, low quality chinese brands can advertise the moon and beyond, and still get a place to sell in Amazon.

The worst part?

They have the seemingly ‘lowest prices’ in the market simply because they’re not premium products, while actually ‘corrosive’ and ‘paint damaging’ are words that should be heavily associated with them.

Sign #2: The Reviews… Are Weird

This one is actually very easy to spot, but most of us tend to overlook it.

As we’ve said before, the market is so unregulated that you can find incredibly cheap and low quality products in premium outlets such as Amazon or Alibaba. If you actually take the time to sit through the reviews, you’ll spot 2 kinds of patterns:

  • The real and angry (rightfully so!) reviews that people leave to warn others.
  • The incredibly happy, satisfied, and google translated reviews that sound like a robot from the 90’s.

Look: If these companies are willing to sell you bottled garbage, they’re willing to hire people and shady businesses to say fantastic lies about them!

The upside to this is that it’s very easy to spot them: They never mention anything about the real experience of using the product, they simply mention how great it is and their grammar is usually quite weird.

Sign #3: Your Local Detailer Wouldn’t Use It On His/Her Car.

No blog we could ever write beats the experience of actually talking to your local detailer.

And this one is probably not the most obvious sign of them all, but it’s actually the smartest:

If your local detailer is unwilling to use it on his/her vehicle (let alone the cars of his/her customers)…

Then it’s probably a good idea to stay away from it!

There might be a few detailers out there willing to compromise their professional integrity by recommending cheap and low quality products…

But to this day, we haven’t met a single one willing to use them on his/her car!


When in doubt about your brand my friend… just remember these basic rules of thumb:

  • Its price is too good to be true.
  • The reviews sound like they were written by an ‘overly-happy’ robot.
  • Your detailer wouldn’t touch it with a 10th foot pole.

So now that you know that the detailing product market can be ‘No Man’s Land’, can you really get your FULL money’s worth, and a brand that your detailer would love in a second?


And because of this, it’s time for you to experience what Shine Armor products can do for your car and your lifelong trust my friend. Still not convinced? We’re so confident in our quality and results we offer:




  • MOST AFFORDABLE Formula on the Market
  • Safe for all solid finishes - Paint, Glass, Chrome, Plastic
  • Eco-friendly – NO WATER REQUIRED
  • Long-lasting protection with a mirror-like finish
  • Easy to use spray-on/wipe-off application
  • No buckets, no water, no mess, no hassles
  • No smears. No streaks. No scratches,


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