Worrying Studies Uncover Why Using Cheap Detailing Products Can Be EXPENSIVE & DAMAGING for YOU

Look, it’s an old but true cliché: Looking for bargains is looking for trouble. And it’s important to point this out from the start if you’re looking for the greatest detailing experience (and the bragging rights to your friends about it too).

You probably know this already, but finding the right product is like finding a ‘pain-free’ dentist or a trustworthy mechanic. You don’t just want it done, you want it done properly so you don’t lose your teeth or your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere.

The same goes with car detailing: the cheaper the product, the bigger the chances that your car, the air you breathe and even your health are going to be compromised.

As always, our moral and professional duty is to point this out to you so you never have to make the wrong (and expensive) choice again.

Reason #1: Health & Environment Issues

According to the USHPD (US Household Products Database) it’s sadly a common issue that some of the products manufactured with a cheaper price point are linked to incredibly harmful components such as naphthalene, (which is known to cause cancer and may damage your reproductive, respiratory and circulatory systems) or hydrofluoric acid (which drastically affects your central nervous system).  

The list goes on and on, and we haven’t even mentioned that some of these chemicals also impact the already degraded ozone layer.

The Solution:

Look for products that contain premium quality components including Si02 technology that will preserve both your health and the air quality you breathe, such as our very own FORTIFY QUICK COAT.

Reason #2: You Can’t Even Trust Amazon

Over the years, too many Chinese alternatives have taken over the market. The problem with cheap and counterfeit products is so widespread that even Amazon is currently struggling to regulate many of the products advertised on their website.

Obviously, the manufacturers of these cheap alternatives couldn’t care less for the harm and low quality they bring to your detailing experience, as long as they’re constantly landing more sales.

If they have to lie about the content, exaggerate the benefits on their products, or even harass you over the bad reviews you post about the product, they will.

The Solution:

Always be on the lookout for American certified and lab made products. This ensures a unique car detailing experience for you, with premium quality guarantees that will benefit your trust (and wallet)  in the long run.

Reason #3: Long-Term Benefits VS The Shiny ‘Low-Cost’ Ad

Choosing quality is caring for one of your most important investments: Your car. However, as consumers here’s what we usually do when we buy a product simply because the ad was shiny and the product was cheap:

We close our eyes and think to ourselves ‘everything will be ok’.

According to recent articles, buying a cheap, unregistered product simply because the price was unbeatable is like punching a tiger: eventually it will come back to bite you in… well, you know what we mean.

The Solution:

A product such as FORTIFY QUICK COAT not only provides premium quality for your car, but also guarantees 100% safety and satisfaction and a long term benefit for your car and wallet that can last up to 6-12 months.

Knowledge Is Consumer Power…

For those who didn’t read and just scrolled all the way down, here are the main reasons for choosing FORTIFY QUICK COAT instead of a Chinese, ‘low-cost’ alternative:

  • Si02 Technology is absolutely health-friendly.  
  • Its eco-friendly components won’t have any impact on the ozone layer or environment.
  • It’s an American lab made product from conscious people that offer the ultimate detailing experience.
  • You get EXACTLY what you pay for.
  • You ensure a long term effect: Its quality will last up to 6-12 months.
  • Si02 is easy and reliable to apply/use for both professionals and car enthusiasts alike.
  • You can trust the reviews on our site.
  • We don’t harass our customers if they’re unsatisfied with our product.
  • You’ll also get a 30 day money-back guarantee by purchasing it.

So after knowing what Shine Armor’s products can do for your car and your lifelong trust, friend, what will you choose to do? Wait! in fact, let us sweeten the deal for you with:




  • MOST AFFORDABLE Formula on the Market
  • Safe for all solid finishes - Paint, Glass, Chrome, Plastic
  • Eco-friendly – NO WATER REQUIRED
  • Long-lasting protection with a mirror-like finish
  • Easy to use spray-on/wipe-off application
  • No buckets, no water, no mess, no hassles
  • No smears. No streaks. No scratches,


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