Is Getting Professional Detailing Results On A Budget Really Possible?

Cleaning your car can often seem like a difficult task, but for a true car enthusiast, detailing is like washing cars on steroids; It becomes the eternal pursuit of perfect cleanliness that goes beyond the quality seen in a showroom. However, keeping your car protected and with that brand new shine can be expensive.

Basically, a full detailing service includes hand wash, wax, tire cleaning, interior and exterior dust suction,  interior polishing, and window sealing. It’s necessary to use special chemicals to properly clean your car in such detail, and take it through the process of rejuvenation that will result in a perfectly shiny and protected car.

Then, the million dollar question is: How to keep it within your budget?

Well, you have two options (one more affordable than the other):

1.- Leave the hard work in the hands of a professional

2.- Take control and do it yourself

Option #1: Leave It To Professionals

Of course, you could take your car to a professional detailer and get a “deep and detailed” cleaning without putting much effort or getting your hands dirty. But what about its cost? If we look at it that way, it’d probably only be worth it in a once-in-a-lifetime situation…

But if your goal is to keep your car neat, bright and protected at all times…

Paying someone else to do it can become an expensive luxury if done frequently, because the price of having your car professionally detailed will vary according to the size of your vehicle and the kind of service you request.

For example, a basic detailing service for an average-sized car will cost between $75-150, while larger vehicles can usually cost between $125 to $ 250 for the same service.

The thing is that paying for a professional service is really worth it – it if you’re not a fan of cleaning and caring for your car every week, that is.

Option # 2: Do It Yourself

If you decide to clean and detail your car at home, the basic kit you should get will cost between $75 and $150, which will resemble a professional service if done properly. But if you think about it, most of these products can last for years. In other words, the difference is highly noticeable.

This will allow you to detail your car more often and be a much more inexpensive option in the long run, and your satisfaction will be the highest you’ve ever had.

Just a little tip: Spending money on cheap products will not help you get 100% of the results you want, and at the end of the day, you’ll need to buy additional products to get the desired effect.

So, the best way to stay within your budget in the long term is to choose quality first.

Now that you know this…what’s your best option?

You can save a lot of money by buying your own materials (which can last a long time) and detailing your car at home, making it always look as if it just left the car dealer.

So, if you are looking for a recognized brand that offers high quality but affordable products for a great DIY detailing experience without squeezing your wallet

Your best option is Shine Armor, offering products that deliver professional results without having to spend a fortune or needing to leave your car in the hands of another person.

Shine Armor was created for all of you who are absolutely obsessed with your car. You know, the kind of obsession where your jaw drops every time you see the tiniest scratch…

So, just like many passionate car detailing enthusiasts, we felt there were no detailing products that were really worth it, and decided to help you fulfill your need to keep your car looking at its best.

It’s time you experience what Shine Armor’s products can do for you and your car, my friend – we are sure we will earn your lifelong trust.

Still not convinced? We’re so confident in our quality and results, we’re offering:




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