Can You Recognize The 4 Early Warning Signs Of A Cheap Detailer?

If you really love cars, yours is probably your pride and joy.

It’s your little “precious” and you don’t want anyone else detailing or cleaning it to avoid the slightest damage. But let’s be honest, someday you’ll probably end up taking it to a detailer to keep it as impeccable as the first day.

Because nobody wants to go out with a dirty, bad looking car!

So, once you have decided to let a professional polish every inch of your car, and learn approximately how much it will cost, you’ll think twice before considering it often…

Because if things don’t look good from the beginning, you should turn on your alarm bells and keep searching for something that actually delivers what you’re looking for within your budget.

So, in order to help you avoid cheap detailers, we’ll unmask 4 early signs to look out for and you’ll notice they’re not as good as they want you to believe.

#1 They Don’t Offer The Service You Need

The first thing you should be sure to ask before anything, is if they can help you get rid of all that dog hair in your car, polish the interiors or offer a full service that leaves your car looking brand new.

Because if that detailing can’t achieve hair removal on your car, let me tell you, buddy: it’s a sign that they’re not as professional as they should, and you’re running the risk of wasting your time, money and even damaging your car.

#2 Too Low Pricing

If you were impressed by the shiny ads and the crazy low prices of that detailer; Stop! It’s a trap!

Look, a true professional detailer knows that caring for their customers’ cars is the number one priority, so they must be of the highest quality, and even when they can be a little expensive, they should still be affordable, and less expensive than other options.

That doesn’t mean you should shell out a fortune to have your beloved car detailed, but I want you to realize the big difference between a normal price and a ‘cheap’ one that must be avoided.

It’s always better to invest a little more for quality’s sake, because you know that it will be worth it in the long term.

#3 Where Are The Reviews?

Ok, maybe the detailer you found offers attractive packages at reasonable prices, but, if you realize that behind the detailer there is someone making you desperate signs, Run away!

When you trust a company, you have total peace of mind when entrusting your vehicle for a car detailing service. And these days it’s impossible to not look for reviews before making a decision, so it’s always a good idea to search online what other customers have had to say about their experiences.

So, if you don’t find any reviews, or if there are, but several of them are negative, it means that you should discard this detailer from your list. Because, what better testimony of the quality of service than the word of previous customers?

#4 Don’t Use Products Of Unknown Quality

This also has to do with what previous clients say about the professional detailer, because if they tell you that the products used scratched their car, you obviously don’t want to be one more unhappy customer, right?

Now, you should investigate a little about which products are the best quality so you are more informed about the topic and can make a better decision about whether this detailer suits your specific car or not.

So, if you read shady information on using products from unknown brands, please don’t risk damaging your car.

I know, it may seem a bit paranoid, but it’s always better to go down the safe path. Remember that the quality of the products you use on your car makes a big difference, from the wax to the soft cloth to dry it.

As you can see, there are different signs that will tell you if you’re making the right decision or not…

If it’s worth spending your money, or if you’re facing a ‘cheap detailer’ who doesn’t really tell what it’s about!

Therefore, always, always, always make sure that the detailer you’re trusting doesn’t tick any of these warning signs, so that you can obtain the highest quality results that leave you feeling good and your car glistening.

Now, do you want to get professional detailing results without the risk of a cheap detailer?

Then it’s high-time you experience what Shine Armor’s products can do for your car and your lifelong trust, my friend.

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