Ladies: Here Are The Top 3 Gifts To Win Over Your Man’s ‘Car-loving’ Heart This XMAS!

It’s not true…

The way to a man’s heart is not through the stomach, but by nurturing his passion for cars…

Even if you don’t think his Prius is the sexiest animal you’ve seen, it still means the world to him.

We may not be professionals when it comes to dating advice, but as fellow car enthusiasts, we know what our heart wants.

Because of this, we‘ve prepared a list of gifts that will make your man (and even his friends) say:

‘Man, she’s a keeper. You better not screw this up!’

So prepare your Amazon, or Alibaba browser, and read on my friend!

Gift #1: A Proper Car-Racing Watch

Want your man to feel like Lewis Hamilton?

A proper racing watch can make all the difference on the way your man feels.

(Even when he’s simply driving down to the store!)

Wearing a watch that’s recognized by fellow car enthusiasts and that’s a common piece of jewelry among racing professionals can make all the difference for your man.

Why is it a good gift?

Because what a racing watch does for a car lover is what lipstick or an amazing dress can do for your confidence!

Gift #2: A Complete Car Care Kit.

The fastest way to earn his undying trust and love?

Show you also care about the second thing he cares about the most!

(You’re #1 of course!)

Why is it a good gift?

Because putting the time to buy a care kit and wrapping it in a cute box is a way of telling him you support his passion.

If you’re unsure about what a proper kit includes and you want to make sure he’s getting everything he needs to make his car look gorgeous, take a look at some of our ‘Packs’.

Gift #3: A Proper Toolset

A man is only as good as the tools he’s given.

If he’s the kind of guy that loves to spend a few hours every now and then beneath his car, doing some repairs and feeling like a mechanic…

You simply can’t go wrong with a proper toolset!

Why is it a good gift?

Because once you see the glow in his face when he unwraps it only to find his dream set of tools that he can take out and play ‘mechanic-man’ with…

You’ll fall in love with him even more!

Top 3 Gifts For Car Lovers (Recap)

As always, for those unwilling to read the whole thing, here’s a recap of the top 3 gifts that’ll get you your man’s heart:

  • A proper racing watch to make him feel like Lewis Hamilton (Even when he drives to the store).

  • A car care kit (See our options by clicking here).

  • A proper toolset (These are like LEGOS for car lovers).

It’s our professional (and moral) duty to help you make the most informed decision when it comes to car detailing products.

We’re so confident in our quality and results, we offer:




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